Friday, November 9, 2012

Studio exterior

One wall's been wrapped in insulation...

...and the weatherboards have been put on.

I got home yesterday and they'd even been painted!

..and then we put the window back in. It came out of a bathroom during an earlier reno here, so has frosted glass in it. We'll have someone put clear glass in it and it'll be perfect!

Nothing happening around here this weekend as MONT's heading off to Bonnie Doon... hopefully there'll be more progress next week.

MONT's talking about putting a little "hood" over the window so it looks a little more cottagey...and also to help keep rain off the window. There'll be river-rocks along the bottom here under the window to help with drainage  and MONT's also talking about a water feature on the grassy area here...not sure when all that will happen though. We'll see.


  1. Wow, it's really taking shape and looking good!

  2. I like the idea of the window canopy.

  3. Oh I cried when I saw this post Lesley, that's our old BBQ! A little ripper that served as so well, which we passed on to Son #5. Why you ask? Well MOTH got conned at the local Hardware to upgrade & what a nightmare that's been. A greater piece of rubbish you wouldn't find. One year on it's fallen to bits. It says Made in Hurry on the label & that's so true. Shame on a certain hardware store with a Number in their name. Sorry about the rant.
    Millie xx
    PS your studio is looking quite gorgeous!


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