Monday, November 26, 2012

Nearly there....

This weekend was a big one as far as getting the studio ready for the plaster and floor-to-ceiling built-in cupboards

Come on in..... the door got fitted yesterday. I just have to paint it now, which will be pretty easy as the glass has a plastic coating over it...easy huh?

This is the wall where the cupboards will go

...and this is where I'll be sitting under the window......

MONT's been putting the weatherboards on and painting them as he goes.

Lookin' good

The plasterer is booked for Wednesday. Once it's all hung and finished off we just have to wait for it to dry so it can be sanded and i can start painting.

The cabinet maker said he'd be here late in the week...the cupboard shells are all made so they just have to be fitted into place.



  1. So close now! It seems to be quite smooth sailing - you must have chosen good tradies :)
    Bet the excitement is building!x

  2. It looks fantastic! Love renovations. :-)

  3. Love the weatherboards!!! A real little studio :) What colour will you be painting the door? Lucky it still has the film on the glass, saves time on fiddly taping up :)


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