Friday, June 7, 2013

Cleaning out the fridge

I hate wasting food. Most of us do, but I've seen friends throw out perfectly good food simply because it was classified as a "leftover"....and it's happened after I've offered to take it to feed our chhoks

Nothing at Number 10 goes to waste. Even wilted old spring onions at the bottom of the fridge...or some "seen better days" mushrooms

So when I'm cleaning out the fridge, this is the sort of thing I make

Pasta with the lot!

Sundried tomatoes, a small tin of tuna, anchovies, spring onions, mushrooms, peas, bocconcini left over from last weeks  pizza...

....a jar of fire roasted sweet red peppers.....whatever you have you can throw into the pasta

In the end you just grate some cheese over the top...I think the one I had was parmigiano reggiano, but use whatever you like.

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  1. I tend to use pasta as a "use up the leftover bits dish" too, but never have anything fancy like sundried tomatoes in the fridge. If I ever buy a container of them I eat the lot in one go. Yum!


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