Saturday, June 22, 2013

New additions to the family

Time to get some new "girls" so we can have fresh eggs again.

We paid a visit to the Research Poultry get our new girls

That's "RESEARCH" as in suburb, not the activity

We still have our ol' girl Val...but we thought it was time she had some new friends to keep her company, especially seeing she is getting on in years

So far, so good...there's been no agro trying to work out the "pecking order" and no flapping of wings....yet


  1. I've been thinking of getting chickens. How many do you have? Lisa xo

    1. Four now Lisa...the three new ones will probably start laying within the month, but Old val is well past her laying days so she's just living out her time in chook luxury

  2. Glad to hear they are settling in and hopefully Val likes them. I've thought about chooks but not sure what Molly would think. But, it's another thing for me to look after, as it somehow gets left up to me :)

  3. They look very content Lesley - pics of one of your culinary creations using their eggs please!
    Millie xx

  4. Hi Lesley. Just saw your comment on my giveaway post and came over to apologise about the Facebook thing. Sadly for my Aussie readers though that giveaway is US based. I'm hoping to run another one for my Aussie readers soon (hopefully with no necessary social media hoops!).
    I know this is a slightly old post though I wanted to comment here because I noticed you got your chickens from 'Research'. I live in a very nearby suburb and have never come across another blogger who has mentioned my local area. Lovely to know bloggy neighbours do exist!


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