Sunday, December 8, 2013

I've never met a fairy light I didn't like

Number 10 has two Christmas trees this year.

The rustic, earthy one, still with foliage connected...

 ...and the all new improved, super-beaut illuminated version

Now, the plan was to have this one inside and the earthy gum tree one on the back deck...but...

...this one was SO bright, it made our small living room look like we had a spotlight directed right at it was moved to the back deck...and I have to say it looks fantastic out there.

It illuminates the deck so well we don't need any other lighting out there, except of course another string of fairy lights.
I gave it a test run on Friday night when we had our neighbours in for a Christmas get together...and it was perfect.

I think the kids will love them both when they're here for the annual "festival of meat" the Saturday night before Christmas...

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  1. Both are so pretty, but I do love how the non-gum tree one lights up your deck :)


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