Monday, December 9, 2013

Twinkle toes

I like nothing better than treating myself to a little pampering, to be precise, I love a can keep facials, manicures and massages, for me a pedicure is the best

But recently my experiences with pedicures and alleged beauty therapists has been less than perfect

In fact, the last two pedicures I've had drew blood !!

So, while watching TV the other day I saw an add for this little beauty I bought myself one

It was on sale for $29.99 at a certain discount chemist... so thought why not pay $30 for this instead of the local pedicurist who

1. Doesn't use any form of moisturiser or cuticle cream
2. Looks amazed when you flinch, then squeezes the toe she just gouged until blood shows
and 3... tells you to take a Nurofen, if the pain persists!!

The joys of pampering huh?

Anyway, I've used this "machine" once and it was amazing!! It really works and I'm so, so glad I got one. I can't recommend it highly enough

Thanks Scholl..

This post is NOT sponsored and I purchased this item with my own money 

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