Thursday, July 29, 2010

In the Garden

The Daphne's out at Number 10...

... and it's making that little section of the garden smell heavenly!

I can't believe the perfume from these little guys.

Can't wait for the lilac and roses to start blooming now...won't be long before it's Spring and the entire garden will be in full bloom.

Truly heaven!


  1. Hi Lesley....have never smelt the perfume of Daphne....but I've heard tell. It just doesn't grow up our way. I cannot believe that we have had a summer's day here today. (18 deg overnight with a max today of 27.) What is going on with the seasons. My beautifully frangranced white jasmine is not yet in bud and must be feeling terribly confused....just as I am ! xx

  2. Wow White Dove...that's pretty warm at this time of year, even up your way. Next time you're down south check out the Daphne. You will NOT be disappointed. I promise!

  3. Just catching up on your last few posts. Love the fireplace.
    We are lucky here in Victoria that the daphne grows so well.

  4. Hi, I just found your blog. Your Daphne is wonderful - i can almost smell it from down here in Tas! I will be interested to read about your renovations as they happen :)
    Cheerio, Sarah

  5. Sarah, welcome. Thanks for dropping by. Yes the daphne is absolutely gorgeous at the moment...the perfume wafts across the garden and it's divine!


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