Saturday, July 17, 2010

Giveaway Time... Again

Hello me's your week been?

Mine has been terrific because I've been offered a giveaway for you. It's again from CSN Stores in the US, and it's for all of my American and Canadian readers. They have over 200 websites that offer everything from cookware to dining room sets , so now is your chance to win a $50 gift voucher to go towards anything of your choice.

Unfortunately, it's not available to my Aussie readers, but don't worry. I will have something for you real soon as it arrives.
Just leave a comment any day this week on any post and as many times as you like and you'll go into the draw for the CSN voucher. Tell your friends, tell everyone. I love giving things away!

Get to it...

The other thing that made us happy this week was hearing that our heater's being installed next Wednesday! Woo Hoo.

The one we've chosen is the Heat and Glo AT-Supreme. It's a balanced flue gas log fire and it looks pretty darn good...and we got a good deal on it too.

I can't tell how just how relieved we are here at Number 10. All of us, dogs and cat included.

So, no more freezing nights and mornings. No more dogs trying to crowd onto the couch with us to keep warm. I think we're going to be very toasty!


  1. I LOVE the heater you've chosen - you have similar taste to us - a nice modern sleek design with the warmth and homeliness of the log fire look. So happy for you that you will have your heater this week as I totally understand how it's been trying to contend with this wintery weather without a glowing fire :) Our heater has been delivered (we went with the Rinnai Aspiration) and after the wall gets built out next Saturday, it should go in the week after that so I can now count down the days until we'll be warm and toasty again too. Be sure to post a pic when yours goes in. Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx

  2. Fabulous news on the heater front Lesley! Bring on Wednesday I say:) Enjoy that warmth!! ~ Tina xx

  3. Good for you! We certainly don't need a heater. Here in MO we have been having temps of 92-95 degrees F with the heat index in the triples. I can't even bring myself to take my coats to the cleaners- the thought of a coat makes me sweat.


  4. Thanks Elecat...we like it a LOT!

    Amanda, so glad you chose your heater and it's going in soon. It can be a daunting task trying to select things like this because there are so many choices now. The Rinnai is a great brand and I'm betting you'll be absolutely wrapt with it.

    Yes Tina, I can't wait for Wednesday....I'm going to get MONT to set up the camera and take some pics as the heater's going in.

    Teresa, I envy you in the US at the must be so nice and warm! Fortunately though we don't have snow in our parts, just frosty asnd very chilly mornings.

    Take care all


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