Thursday, October 14, 2010


Anyone else having problems in Bloggy world signing in or leaving comments...or is it just me?

Also, what do you think about these new editing changes etc?


  1. I haven't noticed anything different, however I use Blogger Draft normally, as it has more features.

    What are the editing changes?

  2. April, I've noticed there are some new features for new posts, that in many ways are good. But this morning, I've had some major problems. They seem to have sorted themselves out now, but it very frustrating for a couple of hours. may have been me!

  3. Not today but I have had them. Sign in and go to comment and be signed out...failure to publish. You name it, I've had it but it seems to go away.

  4. Hi Lesley.....I've had no problems with my blogging, because I've not been blogging! Really ashamed and will try to make an effort soon, but the longer it goes the harder it is to return. Wish me well xx


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