Friday, October 15, 2010

Footpath Find

I love it when people put their discarded old furniture and bits and pieces on the footpath, because you know it really is true that one's man's trash is another's treasure.

Yesterday I was taking the dogs to the groomer to have their monthly clip and bath and saw this yellow peril just waiting for me on the footpath outside an old house. I checked her out and noted that, apart from the top, she was made of solid timber. No chipboard or melamine here. Solid wood.

Isn't she awful?! But oh my, how lovely she'll be after she's been given the Number 10 treatment, just like this one late last year.

She certainly needs some work. I'll remove the damaged top and MONT will make a new one for her. I'll scrub her and sand her back and then give her some TLC with a couple of coats of paint.

When MONT came home and saw her on the front porch he turned up his nose....our neighbour did the same when he came in for a drink last night, but when I reminded them both about the transformation of my my other beauty here,  they changed their tune..

Not sure yet exactly where she'll be going, but she's only 2'6" wide (760cm) and not all that deep, so my initial thought was a spot in the dining room....or maybe the spare room where she can hold some of my sewing patterns and fabric stash. Not sure...what I do know though is she's in a good home where she'll be loved and appreciated.


  1. Great find! I am looking forward to seeing its transformation - good luck! Post pics! ;-)

  2. Ooh, I love the lines of this piece. It has great proportions. I'll be staying tuned to see what you make of it!

  3. Thanks girls...I promise to post pics as I make progress on this piece. I've already removed the top and the handles and MONT has bogged up all the holes for me so I can put new knobs on the drawers....and yes I did take some shots so will post them soon
    Have a great week


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