Saturday, October 16, 2010

What a Day in Melbourne!

Number 10 has been a bit damp today. Even the small disco ball hanging on a corner of our back deck has been given a real workout! I thought I'd tripped back to the 1970's the way it was spinning as the rain drops hit it. 

Constant rain, hail, freezing temperatures and biting winds have hit Melbourne in a big way...and there's even been some snow falls at Kinglake, where the devastating fires were last year.

MONT headed to Bonnie Doon at 6 this morning and called to tell me that there was snow all around on the Melba Highway near the Kinglake turnoff.

Then he called me again from Bonnie Doon to describe the falling snowflakes. Strange for this time of year, but not unheard of. Melbourne's known for it's "four seasons in one day".

Me? I was in my favourite place...tucked up at home in front of the fire with the cat and dogs.


  1. Hi Lesley....have been reading about your blogging problems (via KH who also seems to have discovered another world. I won't go there!) Hope all is OK again. I would hate to lose anything after all the time spent getting things posted.

  2. White Dove, it's darn annoying being told by blogger that you are not logged in so you can't leave a message on your own blog, even though I keep getting the "sign out" option at the top of the page. So I must be logged in

    Anyway, it's a small problem in the scheme of things...something I'll learn to live with.

  3. The joys of Blogger...:( I hope your problems are sorted Lesley! We had a freezing weekend here too and light snow on Saturday. I was doing the same as you though...huddled in front of the fire :D Hope it is a little warmer for you now. Enjoy your week. PS: The shade of blue paint I used for Isabella's room is by Wattyl and it is called Snow Glow. ~ Tina x


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