Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Emperor has new robes

It happened yesterday afternoon. I got home to find our sensational cabinet maker, Bill, fitting the new robes (closets) in the bedroom.

They're basically large boxes, made off site and assembled here. Yeah I know they're melamine, which obviously isn't as good as solid timber, but as everyone knows, when working to a budget, we all have to be realistic and practical. they are. They're yet to be painted or have knobs put on. In fact, they don't have any hanging rods or compartments inside yet. But I think they look lovely.

That brown strip across the top is a small bulkhead so new cornice can be put on so it looks like the robes have been there forever...

The doors will be "two-packed" so need to be taken away...while they're off getting the treatment for three weeks, we'll demolish the old robes at the other end of the room, plaster the end wall and extend the floor to the wall...then I'll paint the entire room and get the floor polished (again).

More pics as the transformation continues...
Happy weekend everyone. Have a good one.


  1. They're lovely and streamlined and will provide you with SO much storage space! x

  2. I think they will look great. One can never have too much storage! x

  3. Awesome storage solution! It has been a long time since I have visited. Your place has been undergoing a lot of change! Traci

  4. Thanks Girls!!! We're having fun at the moment, sleeping in the lounge room and making a total mess of the house, but hey, that's what renovating's all about, right?
    More pics soon.
    Welcome back Traci....good to see you're OK and back in the swing of things


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