Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Change in the air

This little silver and black contraption represents a lot more than just a door stop to protect the walls at Number 10.

It represents a big change here.

There are only 3 door stops in the house and, until yesterday, all were brass.

Now they are silver/chrome. I purchased new ones yesterday and MONT replaced them for me last night.

I also plan to change over all the internal door knobs.

At the moment they're just the run-of-the-mill passage sets with brass plates.

They'll be changed to chrome

I tried to buy new chrome backing plates, but was told they'd cost almost as much as complete new passage sets. Crazy huh?

I also plan to change over the brass rods on our light fittings, which may all seem like an unnecessary or even extravagant change, but I'm over brass and want to freshen things up a little and I figure this is an inexpensive way of doing it.

The brass fittings won't go to waste. I'll sell them (or try to) so they'll get a new life somewhere else.


  1. Those little things do make a difference. We replaced door handles and cupboard door handles when we moved in and it really updated the place.

    1. They do don't they Melissa. I used to have brass knobs on all the kitchen cupboards too and changed them some time back to some white ones from IKEA and I couldn't believe what a difference it made.

  2. I agree, it may seem like a small change but it will make a huge difference. The chrome is a nice update. Have fun. xx

  3. It will be make a big difference as we changed over door handles to crome and had an impact immediately. Looks great! G


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