Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beside my bed

I was given some lovely, freshly picked flowers at the weekend....

So put them on my bedside cabinet

The perfume was absolutely fabulous

Truly gorgeous!


  1. Replies
    1. B, their perfume was absolutely wonderful

  2. They're beautiful Lesley! How lovely to wake up to those each morning!!

    Something else in your photos has caught my eye... your radio. I remember you commenting that you could recommend Sangean on my blog when I posted about wanting to get a digital radio. Your white one is exactly one of the ones I'm debating over, only I was thinking I might get the wood-look one as there's already a lot of white on our kitchen bench... although seeing yours, I'm now contemplating the white :) Where did you get your radio from? I'm not having much luck searching for a stockist online...

    1. Thanks radio was bought on eBay. It was second hand and I love it. The sound is fantastic!


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