Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Laundry-large cupboard or small room?

The Number 10 laundry is small. No, make that tiny. In fact, it's a cupboard.

It's about the size of a smallish walk-in pantry. Just enough to house the washing machine, dryer, a cupboard and a few shelves to hold things...but that's about it.

I use this little room for storage as well as a laundry. MONT put shelves right around the walls so I can store all the spare glasses, still in their boxes and any saucepans or large pans, that only get used when we have a crowd to cater for...and sometimes I even put them in their correct spot on the shelf, not just leave them on the bench

So, like I said it's small and a bit crowded....no place to set up the ironing board, (not that I iron much), and no place for things to hang to dry...in fact there's no room to even store the clothes airers.

Usually, when I wash MONT's shirts, I put them on hangers (to help avoid more ironing), then place them on door knobs around the place...but instead of them being out on show, I really wanted a little rail for them in here...But what would I use for the rail?

Well, when we changed all the brass light fittings over to chrome, the rods came with extension pieces and I have a few of them left over...


May I present my new drying rail

It's only large enough to hold a few shirts...but that's all I needed....and it's much better than going out and buying something that would've set me back a lot more than the $6 for the brackets.

If I was just starting out on the Number 10 renovation (and knew then what I know now) I'd have a much larger laundry that could store EVERYTHING! But this is what I have and this is what I have to work with...I think it's OK

Oh and yes...those baskets on the shelves are new too. A quick trip to KMart and they were in the car in 10 minutes flat.


  1. Great idea, I'll have to remember this when it comes time to overhaul our laundry. Our laundry is also small and a compelte pain in the butt to move around in and store things in!

    1. Thanks Natalie...and if you do need a little extension rod like mine, let me know, because I have quite a few left over...all you'll have to do is get a couple of brackets...

  2. I love that you were able to use the rods from the light fittings, they look great and perfect for what you needed. Sometimes a small space is better than having a bigger space, I find my bigger laundry (not much bigger) just gets filled up with more junk! xx

    1. I hear you Nellie...bigger isn't always necessarily better...just messier! lol

  3. Oh I hear you I'm in the middle of re doing our bathroom and still painting the outside of the house (started 6 months ago) but love this idea of the hanging rail, I have a small laundry too though I like not having to clean another room LOL. Just found your lovely blog and now following you so we can keep in touch, hope you have a great week my new friend.

    Always Wendy

    1. Great to meet you Wendy...and thanks so much for dropping by.
      Hope to see you again soon

  4. I barely if ever need to iron my shirts. I guess I'm lucky.


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