Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kreativ - Thanks

This was a surprise..

Natalie, over at "In The Night Sky" nominated me...which is really nice!

It was a while ago, so I'm a bit slack getting to it...but anyway...

Thanks Natalie.

This award means I have to tell you some things about me that you may not know and then nominate seven blogs that really tickle my fancy.


1. I used to learn ballet...many moons ago, but now do Pilates once a week

2. I loved school but wasn't a good student, I just liked the social aspect of it all and still have friends from my school days

3. If I didn't have to work, I'd spend my days sewing, watching movies, renovating old furniture and playing with the dogs...oh and cooking

4. If  I owned a shop, it would look like a mix of second hand furniture, vintage bits and pieces, fabric, vintage patterns and shoes... (crazy I know)

5. If I were starting the renovations on Number 10 now, the interior would be gutted and it would have a completely different lay-out

6. I am often bemused about the need for our strict privacy laws when so many people are so willing to share  every detail about their personal lives and day to day activities on Facebook or Twitter.

7. Call me crazy, but I hate not getting up to go to work each day...and it still "stings" a little about the way I lost my job last year.

That's about it for the revelations today...maybe some more when I can think of things that may resemble something interesting about me.

Now to some of the nice blogs I check out each day...

Well, all you have to do is look down the side bar and see what inspires me each and every day...Scrapbook, Country Style Chic, Centsational Girl, In The Night Sky, McCarthy Designs, Molly's Maison, VT Interiors, Homely One, Fun and VJ's...they're all fabulous and all very different and they all give me something to aspire to each day.

That's it from me...if you are mentioned and want to take the KREATIV image and display it and then carry on with the award, please, be my guest. If not, no problems


  1. It's always good to learn new things about bloggy friends and thanks so much for mentioning me. The feelings are mutual!
    I think my shop would be similar to yours, but I suppose if I didn't have to work maybe I'd just make art and other bits as well as help out with the Dog's Home?
    I'm not surprised you are still a bit bitter about your job loss. They went about it the wrong way. In time you'll care less :)

  2. Congratulations on your award Lesley, I love learning new stuff about people, must be nosey :-)
    Thanks for mentioning me, you're so sweet. I find the privacy thing funny too, especially now that I am using face book so much more. xx

  3. Better late than never! Nice to learn a bit more about you :)

  4. Congratulations Lesley ...well deserved & thanks for the lovely mention - I was very surprised & honoured to see my blogs mentioned - I liked reading the stuff about you, I would set up an identical shop - I wonder if it would make any money but I's have a lot of fun setting it up!?

    Scrapbook & Country Style Chic


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