Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hey hairy legs

Don't be put off by this little fella....

He's quite beautiful. Not scary at all.

I stood in the yard, in the dark, watching him spin his new web. He spins a new one each night

He was so busy circling the web, he didn't take any notice of me with my camera or the flash going off

Look at his gorgeous hairy legs

We had another, slightly larger one in the garden a couple of weeks ago...and the evening mist on his web made it look magical. I'll try to find the photo of him and post it later.

I've been calling this fella a "him" but I'm not really sure what it is....he is lovely though


  1. Not a fan of spiders, but can see the beauty! X

  2. I've never seen this type/breed? of spider before. We mustn't have them in Tassie. I'm not a big fan but they are interesting. The black, hairy ones do my head in!


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