Monday, March 1, 2010

eBay to the rescue

Remember this roadside bargain?

Which was given the Number 10 makeover...

...and eventually ended up all fresh and painted in the lounge room?

Well I was looking for some nice paper to line the drawers, so paid Bristol a little visit to look through their wallpaper books. Unfortunately, a roll of wallpaper these days can cost upwards of $100, and as much as I loved some of the designs, I just wasn't prepared to pay that much for something that was going to lie, mostly unnoticed, in the bottom of these 5 drawers.

So I tried my luck on eBay...and Eureka! This white one with little pale pink dotted flowers is an old one made for Bristol ages ago...

...and this rather colourful one is a Laura Ashley print. I'm not a huge floral type of person, (well not anymore) but hey, for lining the bottom of a drawer, it's just perfect!

So instead of paying out $109.00 for 1 roll, I got 2 rolls for the princely sum of $36.00 including postage.

I must say the bottom of the drawers are looking rather nice now.


  1. Very nice. Good thought. Your "chester" is looking very fine. What I like best is where you found it. From the bottom to beautiful.

  2. Wonderful idea! I love reworking old thrown away pieces.

    I probably would have painted the inside but this is much better.

  3. Nice! I'm looking for wallpaper too. I want it to make my daughters (bed)head board but I've noticed that there's a minimum purchase for a lot of wallpapers so it gets a bit pricey. I think I'll be on e bay today! Thanks. :)

  4. Well Done!!!

    I used to line my drawers with wrapping paper, as it was wide enough, and could be cut to different lengths (and I was poor). To protect it I had a sheet of that heavy plastic table cloth stuff (you know the one, its clear and protects the wood on your table) over the top of it.

    I never thought about wall paper!

  5. Love it!! Both papers are just lovely! I bet the inside of those drawers look gorgeous now:) ~ Tina x

  6. What a great set of drawers. I love the wall paper as lining. You have to love a bargain!

  7. Thanks for all your comments.
    April, I used to line my drawers with nice wrapping paper, but found some of the print came off sometimes, must've been a real cheapie!
    Elecat, try Bristol, I told them what I was wanting the paper for and they didn't mention anything about minimum purchases.
    Teresa, chester has a new lease on life...gotta be happy with that.

  8. Perfect! Isn't it great when you find something wonderful on ebay :)

  9. gave me a fright there for a moment....I thought you'd sold "chester" on ebay
    but no "twas not so. Still getting a bargain I see

  10. What a great idea. I love your finds especially the floral wall paper. How do you apply them to the inside of your drawers Lesley, any tips?

  11. Rose, I just cut to size and roll the paper back on itself around the original roll of wallpaper so it sits flat and doesn't keep curling up. I don't glue it or fix it in any way...I'm afraid that's the extent of my expertise.

  12. You've done an excellent job on this. I too love to give furniture a make-over! :)


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