Monday, March 8, 2010

Long Weekend & New Look 6602

What a weekend...and it's not over yet! We've had wild storms, downpours, flash flooding and hail stones, some as big as tennis balls....

Me here at Number 10? Well, I've had spurts of productivity....and spurts of just sitting on my behind and watching movies.


I did get this dress made though and will finish it off today. I just need to face the neck and armholes and then machine hem it.

It's New Look 6602 and it isn't a bad pattern, for a simple, shifty type frock.

I made it up in this fabric which caught my eye at Darn Cheap Fabrics. It looks vintage, but isn't. In fact when I first saw it I thought it looked like some old curtains from the 1940s....or possibly earlier.

I bought 2 metres and overlocked the cut edges before I threw it in the machine for it's first wash. I wash everything in wool wash before I sew it up...sometimes, depending on the fabric, I wash it several times just to be sure.

Well, it washed up beautifully and passed the "no iron" test. The pattern's good too because it'll go with just about any colour shoes/sandals. That makes me very happy.

My next project will be the sequined t-shirt dress. I've been putting it off until a rush of confidence sweeps over me. It's sometimes a little daunting positioning your scissors at the edge of a fabric that cost a small fortune... it will get done's just going to take some courage on my part

Show some guts girl....come on!


  1. Great look Lesley....hope you came thru the storms unscathed....and Mont too in Bonnie Doon

  2. Hi Lesley, saw all the storms over your way on the news - couldn't get over those hail stones!! Looks like you had a really productive weekend - glad you managed some time for a movie too x

  3. White Dove, Amanda...we survived in fact we did pretty well compared to some poor people in the inner suburbs.

  4. Cute dress pattern and love that fabric.
    Sure was some wild weather for Melbourne. Down here in our little patch of the Mornington Peninsula we didn't have any of the hail etc. just some rain


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