Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mantle scaping

I love looking around houses because I love getting ideas from other people who are, well, super talented when it comes to all things decor. Over here you can see some great examples...as well as here, where Amanda has shown us around her lovely home.

...and Tina here is also an inspiration. I love her place and checking out her projects!

Me? I tend to paint everything white or off-white and then add some bits and pieces for interest. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Like the time I though black cushions would look FAB and add contrast and "interest" on the stone coloured sofa and chairs. Unfortunately, I failed to realise that the dog and cat hair would make them look like mohair after just a couple of days, so they were removed, pretty quickly.

Anyway, I digress.... Today I begin a very limited tour of Number 10. Limited because not all of it is worthy of public viewing...I begin with the mantle in the living/lounge room....and yes, we are without a heater at the moment.

The black hole here used to house a gas log fire, and my job over the next few weeks is to get a new one. The hearth was covered in charcoal slate, but MONT removed it and will re-do the hearth in sandstone, because we have some left over from the outdoor paving.

The clock was a bargain from Oswald Sealy in Johnston St.Fitzroy, which is well worth a visit.

These birds were a Christmas gift a couple of years ago... and the two "vases" were a bargain from a place called Albi Imports. If you're looking for home wares, then a trip to the Albi Imports outlet store in Chifley Drive, Preston will duly impress you.

...and the pears...well, I love their fluid shape. I can't remember where or when I purchased them, but whenever I see fruit shaped items like these, I have to have them.


  1. Very lovely. I too tend to paint white and off white. Over my long break, I finished trim in one of my baths- white, and hung a new door between my utility room and family room. I still need to paint it - you guessed it white.

    I love your accents. Good choices.


  2. I can picture myself curled up in front of this spot with a cuppa, a blanket and a good book once your new heater goes in. Hope you manage to get something before the weather starts getting chilly. I would love to have a mantlepiece so I could display things above our heater. Yours looks lovely and I love those birds and the Albi Imports vases. You are so sweet mentioning my House Tour. I'm glad you like those posts. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your home too :)

  3. Hi Lesley, what a gorgoeus mantle and fireplace! Hope you get your heater before winter sets in, but I think I could quite easily snuggle in front of your gorgeous fireplace and pretend. Love your pears on your mantle - just gorgeous. Thank you for your kind mention of my blog, I love yours too:) Wishing you a wonderful Thursday ~ Tina x

  4. LOVE your fireplace... it's gorgeous and rustic.....birds are perfect there....and I envy your mantle! A-M xx

  5. Hi Lesley,
    Have been very busy preparing to come to Melbourne once again...this time for a very happy occasion...a wedding!! However I came across a blog that I thought you would love so I'll try to put the URL in here.. Bitter Betty Blogs...no it didn't work...but that's the name of the blog (why am I so useless when it comes to things like this on the blogs!!!)will have to try again x

  6. It's me again....with a retry....here goes
    http://bitterbettyindustries.blogspot.com...now that looks more promising...hope it works!

  7. Thanks White Dove. I'll check it out. A wedding?

    How wonderful! I love a nice wedding. Have a great time, hopefully Melbourne will be a little cooler for you.

  8. I love those pears.

    I also tend to paint white. I do have one feature wall in our bedroom - it's green and I really want to paint it. Just can't decide if I will paint the whole room white or if I will stick to a a feature wall in a more neutral colour. Decisions, decisions!

  9. Me again! There's a little award for you over at my blog. Please don't feel obliged to play along, just know that I have passed this award onto you because I enjoy your lovely blog :)

  10. Hi Lesley, I found your blog via Amanda. Congratulations on your award! I am looking forward to seeing your fireplace finished! xx

  11. I missed this post...I really like it when you do a house tour. I can't wait to see the sandstone when it is done.


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