Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Toto, there's no place like home

I thought I'd take these babies out for a spin at the weekend.

MONT and I ventured into the garden for a little while to prune and trim and get rid of some of these god awful brown weedy things in the grass....these 'girls" worked a real treat.

...and no... contrary to popular belief, I was dressed before heading into the front garden and was not still in my night attire, (although I can't guarantee that wasn't the case a few minutes before this photo was taken)


  1. I often dash out early morning in my old faithful nightie to snatch "The Australian" from the front lawn, only to be distracted by a weed here, or a great dead slug being devoured by ants....you guessed it...caught in the act by a "well hello there". so embarassment!

  2. They look adorable!! I'm sure they'd look great with your night attire too :)

  3. This is funny! I love the boots but CowPatty Surprise just made a post about a calf they named Dorothy. I got to read two Wizards in a row.

  4. I just love those bargain wellies :)~ Tina x


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