Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas-just around the corner

Welcome to Christmas 2011....come on in

It's been pretty busy around here.

I spent the weekend planning and foofing

I put up our Christmas tree...or should I say our "twiggy tree"

 I also put a smaller, simpler version on the front deck...just for a change

...and even had room for another small one in the hallway

The main one isn't quite as symmetrical as last years, but I like it

and who said things had to be perfect, right?

I like the pale green for a change out the front. Adds a bit of a contrast albeit a soft and pale one

Only one strand of lights this year...I thought it was enough.

...and my beautiful bird is back. All is right with the world, or at least at Number 10


  1. All your twiggy trees are so pretty! I love the soft, pale colours :)

  2. Thanks Sarah...and I had it all at home packed away in the Chrissy box. Just shopped the house for it all. I'm getting over buying new things that are only on show for a couple of weeks.

  3. Oh, so pretty! I love the single strand of lights.

  4. Thanks Lauren, so glad you dropped by. Have a great Christmas.


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