Friday, December 30, 2011

Number 10 garden update

The garden's looking a lot better than it did on Christmas day!

MONT worked like a Trojan to get it cleaned up so all the off cuts could go into the green-waste bin.

We went from this...

To this ...

and this..... this...

and this....

to this....

All the hedges and shrubs had to be trimmed because they'd been so badly broken and shredded and the trees also took a hammering, the hail was so strong I watched as large lemons were knocked from the tree and hurled to the ground. Now I just have to get onto the Insurance Company to see about getting my car assessed for the hail damage and for someone to come and look at the damaged plaster and cornice in the living room...

Still,  there are a lot of people who fared much worse than we did, so I guess we can be thankful we still have  drive-able cars and a (relatively) weather proof house


  1. Yay, more garden pics :) What a lovely yard you have, thank goodness it all pulled up alright after that hailstorm.

    Happy New Year Lesley xx

  2. Hello

    Your garden and house are beautiful. I love the white weatherboard houses that can be found in Melbourne.

    We are also, and have been, renovating an old house for many years. Thankfully, we're getting close to the end. However we now need to fix some cracks in the rooms first renovated, so you're right, houses are never finished being renovated. It's all part of the fun :).


  3. It looks like a bit of a haircut here and there and an awful lot of hard work have made an astounding difference. So pleased it wasn't worse for you.

  4. Wishing you a Happy New Year, Lesley. I'm sure that things will turn out they say a change is as good as a holiday. So glad your storm damage wasn't as bad as others..we missed it down our way...those dark clouds were looming all day but went on by! Counting ourselves lucky X

  5. Wow, on the storm damage. It's amazing what nature can do.

    I KNOW you will make your new year the best ever. You are strong and amazing. Seek out that which you enjoy and that makes you complete.

    Happy New Year!



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