Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We fared OK

Like so many people around Melbourne, Boxing Day was spent cleaning up

Fortunately we didn't have a lot of damage, not like some who lost cars and who had rivers of water flowing through their homes.

While we had a little bit of water inside, our damage was mostly confined to the garden

It just looked like MONT had gone through the yard with a large whipper-snipper and trimmed all the plants

Not too bad I guess

A couple of days of sunshine and then a couple of soft showers to freshen things up and it'll look like nothing happened...so we were very lucky!


  1. Sounds like you were very lucky indeed, although having to tidy up the yard is not the most relaxing way tospend Boxing Day x

  2. Yep, very lucky Amanda....I spent the day vacuuming and washing floors. I left the outside cleanup to Mont...he's better at stuff like that. lol

  3. Yes, We were very lucky as well. So many houses were flooded so I'm grateful it's just outside damage for us. Still haven't managed to speak to the insurance company so waiting to find out about replacing fences, fixing the verandah etc. our chickens are very cranky about being locked in the shed! But on the upside our dog is being very good about not running away with missing gates and fences.

  4. Glad to hear you're OK too Melissa. At least it's only fences and a bit of garden, nothing more serious, although I guess the chooks would disagree with that.

  5. No matter what happens,good or bad,God allows it to test us..


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