Monday, December 26, 2011


Well that was a Christmas day that won't be forgotten in a long time.

Late in the afternoon, the skies opened and we were drenched.

Then, it started to hail

Massive hail stones, some as big as golf balls

People in some suburbs reported them as big as tennis balls.

Here at Number 10, they weren't quite that big but they were loud

As they hit the roof they sounded like machine gun fire. Rapid machine gun fire. ... and it just kept coming.

When I went inside I noticed there was water all over the floor. It had hailed so badly that it had clogged up the gutters and the water had nowhere else to go, so in it came

...all down the walls between the lounge and dining room and onto my sofa.

Not good.

The garden was the worst affected though. The ornamental grapevine and all of my lovely violets that i had been nurturing for months, all flattened and shredded...the fig tree had a lot of it's leaves ripped off and the silver birches in the front yard also hit quite badly.

Then it started all over again!

Fortunately that's about all the damage, apart from a few "dings" on the car...but if that's the worst thing that happens to us this Christmas, then I guess we're doing OK.

Some of the residents at Number 10 just didn't know what was going on

Just another Christmas in Melbourne huh?


  1. Good golly!! I saw on the news how wet it had been over your way. It's so funny to think of rain at this time of year in Australia, I can only recall a few rare times there's been a shower here in Perth on Christmas day. Your poor lounges and garden :(

    P.S Your yard looks so lovely, please share some more photos in the New Year as I'd love to see more x

  2. Oh my goodness! I can only imagine the noise!
    Poor little guy looks a little confused :)

  3. Hope it didn't cAuse too much damage to your sofa!

    We have fences down on all 3 sides, and our chicken run has been washed away. Some lovely neighbours worked hard to stop the water entering our front door while we were at inlaws doing same not knowing how bad it was at our place!

    The garden is a mess. We had a river wash completely through - was thigh high down the middle.

  4. OMG. You poor things. At least you have a good attitude about it. I hate those sudden hail reminds me we have to get ourselves storm ready and clear out our gutters too...not that it would make a big difference in a hail storm! xx

  5. Thanks everyone! We watched the news last night and there were a lot of people who fared worse than us, poor things.
    It's all cleaned up now, all ready for the next downpour haha

  6. I was on the tullamarine freeway on my way to the airport. It was crazy!!


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