Monday, April 9, 2012

Work continues...

The back hallway/study remodel didn't stop over the Easter weekend

Mont put some new cabling and wires into the study now that he had the opportunity with the plaster gone and the studs exposed.

He also nailed in extra noggins, so we had more strong points in the wall for shelving and brackets.

It's still a bit of a mess...

But there have been plenty of helpers on hand

The back wall where the door was moved to has now been painted...but not before Mont replaced a couple of the weatherboards the builder had put up.

I think the rule is pretty simple...if you wouldn't tolerate a certain standard at your own home, you can be pretty sure no-one else would think it's acceptable either.

The builder had used up some short lengths of the boards rather than buy a new one. The result looked pretty crappy.

So it was changed...and painted and it's now lookin' mighty fine.

Much better!

The floor gets done Tuesday

Woo Hoo!.


  1. Yes, so much better. That would've been annoying to see that day in day out. Loving all the changes you are making to that back area. xx

    1. Exactly Brismod. REALLY annoying. It is progressing well though and once this latest stage is done, the plasterer comes in (hopefully) next week then I can start painting and the floor can be finished.
      I must say though...the changes to your place are looking fantastic!

  2. Big improvement on those patchy boards. I agree, if you are going to do it, do it properly :)

  3. Looking good - much better without the patchy boards :) Completely agree with your rule about standards too!


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