Tuesday, April 10, 2012

You can't buy character

The builder was back this morning to lay the new-old floor in the back hallway

We used some second hand boards we had left over from the bedroom renovation

I think they'll come up a treat!

Whenever we've extended or renovated Number 10, I've always bought second hand floorboards. I guess I originally thought that the house was old so old boards would be a better "fit". But I also like the idea of using pre-loved things instead of just creating a need for more "new stuff". I mean, the boards will still look good once they're sanded and polished...the old nail holes will be filled and everything will be just fine...it's flooring after all...and as we've come to say around here a lot lately whenever something isn't quite "perfect"...."You can't buy character".

The plasterer will be here next week, then I get to paint the walls and hopefully the floor sanding man will be able to fit my little job in soon after...


  1. Looking good. I love the idea of using 2nd hand items whenever you can it really does add character. xx

  2. Thanks Nellie. I like using pre-loved. It makes it feel special to me somehow. Can't put my finger on it exactly.


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