Thursday, September 13, 2012

Late nights - Early mornings

MONT and I have been a bit tired lately....and one of the reasons we haven't been particularly active doing work on the new studio is we've been glued to the TV most nights and early mornings, watching the Paralympics and absolutely loving it!!

There have been some amazing contests during the Games.

South African relay team

The Wheelchair Rugby - better known as MURDER BALL is a fantastic sport. Exciting, physical...relentless.... Captain Greg Smith was the Australian flag bearer

Greg Smith

By the pool during the swimming comp

The swimming, across all classifications, was great as was the athletics! Lots of world records, wonderful rivalry....Fantastic

We heard a lot of words used like INSPIRATIONAL, but while we were watching we just saw fantastic athletes doing what they'd trained years to do.

I was speaking to a friend a while ago about the Paralympics and was told they didn't watch and didn't care because they were only interested in watching the best of the best, as in the OLYMPIC GAMES.

Well, I can tell you...If you watch the Paralympics, that's exactly what you see.

Jacqueline Freney-8 gold medals

Thanks to the ABC here in Australia, we were able to see a lot more of the Paralympics than previous years...thank goodness!!! Great coverage with no condescension or mawkish commentary.

Richard Coleman
A shout out to BLOGGER and their spell checker though!  When I typed in "Paralympics" it suggested I had spelled it incorrectly, so I clicked the spell checker and the word that came up was "PARALYSIS".

Wake up BLOGGER. Time to get with the program and add "PARALYMPICS" to your dictionary.


  1. Weren't the paralympics fabulous? Living in London I was fortunate enough to be able to attend swimming and athletic sessions...each one fabulous. And like in Australia, for the first time we had a tv broadcaster who showed all day/all evening coverage of the games...there is a real sense here that, for the first time, there is finally the right recognition of the successes of these amazing athletes.

    1. Annie, we really loved the whole experience of finally being able to watch The Games... last time round we only got an hour's highlights each night. Lucky you to be able to be there!!!!!!!

      I hope the coverage is even better in Rio, as through the London Games we were told that we couldn't see some events as the "host broadcaster" wasn't providing them to the ABC. Bummer!
      Bring on Rio we say!!!

  2. I was watching LOTS of the paralympics too, incredible, their abilities & attitudes far outshone the olympics, truly!! I think sponsors & government should consider switching a lot of funding over to the paralympics as they represented our country with much more pride & grace!! Love Posie

  3. I tuned in every single day to the Paralympics and was riveted with admiration and respect. Their hard work and the way they represented australia was humbling.
    It was the best television I have watched in years.
    Hardly anyone I know had tuned in to watch. I was dismayed.


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