Saturday, September 1, 2012

A call out to Brisbane!!

I'm hoping I can get some help from some of my Bloggy friends in Brisbane.

I'm looking for a reliable painter up north to do some painting at a house in the eastern's not a huge  job, less than a week I'm guessing, but it could lead to much more work.

Can any of you recommend anyone?

Fingers crossed you can!



  1. Oh wow, that looks amazing!! You know, my husband does all the painting in our investment properties (costs so little & he is untrained but does a fantastic job - we had a quote for our Darwin apartment for $4K & he did it in a week, for $200 - just spent lunch hours prepping & afternoons painting.) He also had a bad back, soldier, we just didn't need the expense/ tax deduction to pay someone else. If he was currently in Brisbane i'd send him around but very happy to have him here with us in Canberra. Good luck finding a great painter. Do you follow the Fun & VJs blog, she's in Brisbane too, renovating a Queenslander, love Posie

  2. Find a top quality painter to change the look of your home.

    Allan Zadeh


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