Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I have to say, that progress on the studio, while a little slow in the past couple of weeks, looks like stepping up through September.

Last weekend, MONT started on the side wall frame. He just used up timber we already had lying around. The plan is to use up as much as we have and only buy what's absolutely necessary.

This week, MONT's mate, (Mr P the Builder), will be here to measure up for the rest of the room and have a look at the windows (second hand) that we have in the shed and the placement of the door, to make sure what we want is do-able.

The side fence, which is almost on its last legs, will be pulled down and the posts replaced. While that's happening, MONT and Mr P will construct the wall. The top part will be weatherboards, while the lower section (which won't be seen)  will be corrugated roofing metal, so it's not going to need painting. EVER!

So, it's all happening.

I'll share a couple of eBay bargains I've found with you later in the week. Gorgeous they are!


  1. It must be so exciting watching it all happen. It's going to be fab! I like the idea of no-painting areas too!


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