Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New addition - on sale

I love having a wander around IKEA, even if I don't buy anything. It gives me some great ideas and tips about what can go with what as well as ideas of dimensions and sizes...

But, one of the departments I really like to end my trip to the big Swedish superstore is the "AS-IS" department.

It's usually full of damaged or display stock that's already been assembled and discounted

I've picked up some serious bargains in there...plants, cushion covers and last week, a chair!

I've wanted a nice chair to use at my sewing table for a while now...and there it was, waiting for me for $52.00

It's only problem is a little "ding" on one of the legs. It's slip cover was a little grubby and I had planned to give it a wash when I got it home, but I gave it a couple of hard slaps and bangs and the marks just disappeared!

I've had this little embellished cushion for ages. It was a "one-off" sample...

 ...and it matches the chair perfectly!

They're both sitting in our bedroom until the studio/sewing room's finished.

Love 'em


  1. The As-Is department is a must visit for me too, there is always something there for a great price. You did really well with your chair, it looks lovely in it's new home with it's matching cushion :)

  2. The chair was such a bargain and I agree, goes so well with that beautiful cushion. Oh how I wish we had Ikea here (broken record). I was on the South Aus website last night and they do ikea online shopping, but with a minimum of $100. They even post to Tas! Might have to start a list x

  3. Great chair and I am in love with your gorgeous cushion!!

  4. Oh i'm the queen of picking up the odd random slightly dinged chair, they always find a home!! Neat work. The cushion is stunning, gorgeous, love Posie

  5. Ikea is such a great store. We don't have one near us, but I do love visiting when I am near one. The chair and pillow are lovely. The embroidery on the pillow is really gorgeous!


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