Monday, January 11, 2010

43 degrees

Or, 109.4 in the old language

In the words of Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam, "It's Hot. Damn Hot"!

This isn't the current weather map of Australia, but it gives you an idea of what we're feeling done south in very sunny Melbourne

We're feeling HOT!


  1. Oh yes we are! Its stinkin' out there!

  2. We are still in a deep freeze. Can you send a bottle of that hot weather to melt the snow??

  3. Hi Lesley, I hope it has cooled off since Monday!! I am so glad I found you! Thank you so much for joining my blog, I am thrilled :) I am off to have a look at both of your gorgeous blogs! Looking forward to following your blogs this year. Have a lovely day - Tina :)

  4. Sending soothing, cooling thoughts to you!

  5. Hi, just seen the news and that you had the hottest night 98 at midnight!!!
    Wow now thats hot...... we STILL have snow falling here.
    Christians parents last weekend were evacuated because of bush fires, WA and that night we get covered again in snow!. I have never seen snow in my lifetime like this here in the UK and I'm 40 this year.
    Weather gone nuts all over the world.
    Keep cool I wish I could send a snowball or two your way xxx


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