Thursday, January 14, 2010

Getting organised

Say the word storage and you instantly get my attention. I love storage of all shapes and sizes and it seems I'm not the only one because there are a lot of new stores popping up devoted solely to getting us and our stuff organised

There's a reason for all of this though and it's all to do with us wanting lots of stuff and not being able to "cull" any of the old stuff we've got. Like my china cabinet here. Who in their right mind needs all of these cups and saucers? Apparently, I do.

We want everything to have a "home" so there's no clutter...Funny really, seeing we live in an age where our homes are ever increasing in size to accommodate all the stuff, but personal storage facilities are also a growth industry. It seems people want stuff, they just don't want it at their place, so they rent a cubicle at one of these places and store it there. Bit of a mystery to me...but anyway.


Now, this is a great office space. But The Number 10 Office will NEVER look even remotely like this because MONT needs to spread his stuff out when he's doing his invoices and book work and I'm afraid MONT and NEAT are not two words that fit together easily.

image-country living

This is a great way to organise and display all of your white dishes. The thing is, you'd be forever cleaning the darn things. Maybe not as practical as it seems. Bummer!

You see I love my stuff and I love storage. The thing is I always think I just don't have enough places to put things when, if truth be known, I just have too much stuff for our little house.

I'd love my sewing room to look something like this. But it's a job that's going to take some time...maybe all year!

image-design is mine

I've been reading a few blogs where people have been saying they're going to use 2010 to get themselves organised. Get rid of the clutter. Have a clean out. Rid their lives of all the surplus stuff. I'm not sure if I can go that far .....but I'll give it a try.


  1. It is good to have a cull. We did that when we moved last year and it felt good. It pays to be harsh, especially with the things you don't use at all.

  2. I have to say that I am one of those people who are trying to get organised in every sense of the word this year Lesley! I am following Lauren from Pure Style Home who is doing a small organisation project every week for the whole year. I am currently on project No 2 and it is working a treat:) I love your images and oh how I wish I had the luxury of a sewing room, cluttered or not! Hope you have a lovely day :) - Tina

  3. I'm off to check out that Pure Style Home blog. I love organising... my problem is maintaining the organisation!

    We have a yearly cull and it feels so good. I got in the habit because I was an army child and we moved regularly. DH's parents on the other hand have been in their house nearly 40 years and never get rid of anything! I dread having to clean it out one day!

  4. I had all good intentions for a big de-clutter while on vacation, but have failed miserably. Not like me, someone must have cast a spell on me! I admire your courgae.
    Millie ^_^

  5. My famly have moved from house to house too much in the past 2 years so we've given a lot to charity but there are some things that I am so glad to have kept in storage... (we're building... council problems, bla, bla, bla.) anyway, my point is that it's good to cull because it's amazing how little you need to live comfortably but there are the op shop finds,magazines, fabric remnants, buttons, broken jewellery, thing that hold sentimental value that can never be replaced etc. What you need is a cupboard without glass doors (or roof space or under stair space,) that's easily accessable, with clearly labelled boxes that no-one else can see. I'm amazed at how many things I've used from my 'secret stash' now that I can get to it!

  6. Aaah touchy topic for me these days as we are moving houses, I have no problems with de-cluttering my kids rooms and my hubby's stuff (they hardly ever notice their things missing) but for my own things, well let's just say it would help if my mum was here...
    I love your tea cup collection!

  7. I too am trying to organise myself a bit before we get too far into 2010 - my mother-in-law always has a big cull and sort-out at the start of each year which has inspired me to try and do the same. Love that wall of cabinetry from Country Living and oh to have a sewing room like that!!

  8. Just been catching up on all of your posts done while I was away. Things have been busy at No.10. So many great storage solutions. It's always so hard to get 'organised and 'decluttered'.

  9. Girls....Culling is not my strong point. It somehow just goes against the grain, not sure why exactly. I know it'll be good for me, but it's just something that doesn't come naturally to me. I think I'm just going to have to really apply myself.


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