Friday, January 8, 2010

All Welcome

This little guy's been paying us an extended visit this week.

He turned up on Wednesday and seems to like it here...I don't think he can fly properly just yet

So Dionne's befriended him. Making sure he knows where everything is like towels, food, fresh linen etc.

He seems to have made himself quite at home with the girls.

He looks up to Dionne...seeking her approval I think.

Red? Well she doesn't really care...

...and as for Val...hmmph... let me sleep.
The thing is, I missed the best photo op ever! The little guy jumped on Val's back as I approached to give them some food. Pity I didn't have the camera with me. Funny what critters do to make themselves feel safe.


  1. thanks for your comments and advice, much appreciated, I think you've changed my mind already to stick with the half



  2. Oh how adorable! Isn't it lovely how animals take each other 'under their wing'. I would love to have chickens in our backyard - would be so nice to have fresh eggs. Enjoy your weekend x

  3. Oh, you have chickens! DH really wants chickens but I think our dog might scare them?

    Are they much work?

  4. Melissa, they're wonderful. They aren't a lot of work but you do need to have a section of the yard set aside for them to be locked up each night so they aren't taken by foxes..and you need to be pretty flexible about the garden, because they love to scrounge around and dig it up.
    The eggs are wonderful though and they're a real treat to watch each day

    We have two dogs and it took them about ten minutes to realise we wouldn't tolerate them chasing the girls. You have to be very, very firm!

  5. Oh you have chickens, my kids would love to have them too but am just not too sure..hmmm maybe!
    Such a cute post!

  6. I didn't know you had chickens either. They are very beautiful little women. They must be good in heart or the lost one wouldn't feel so safe.

  7. I love all your chooks! I badly want some but Mr Brabourne is being difficult. Leigh

  8. Girls, we love our girls. We call them our productive pets because they not only provide eggs, they also give us a lot of enjoyment just watching them
    They do tend to dig up the garden if we don't keep an eye on them when they're let out of their yard though. So...if you're planning on getting them, either make their enclosure big enough for them to roam around in, or make sure you always keep an eye on them, or you will have no garden beds left

  9. ahhh I love this post. I do the very same ... see a perfect picture moment but by the time I either get the camera the moment has gone or the battery is low or something :o)


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