Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You're eyes are getting sleepy...

It was hot now it's cool and I'm still exhausted!

I've been working full time these past two weeks because we're down a person at work and there was no-one else but little ol' me

I don't mind but oh boy!

Early morning starts are a killer and while I still do them three days a week, I'm afraid I'm just not cut out for them full-time any more.

Time for a little nap I think....and not on the ironing board!

Hopefully, I'll have some pretties for you tomorrow.


  1. Hi Lesley, Sorry I must have just missed this post and left a comment on your last one! Hope you get your nap! No chance in my house today. Have a lovely day - Tina :)

  2. Lesley, I have felt like that so many times. Don't over do it.

    I love that photo. It speaks of how I often feel.


  3. lol! I feel like this at about 4 in the arvo but when I've finished the day; I can't sleep! Does that hot milk thing really work?... I think I'm OVERtired... lol!

  4. Really must stop l.o.l ing... :) Goodnight.


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