Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Christmas Gift

Just before Christmas I entered my Chrissy Wreath in a competition over at Cavania.
Karen Sanders is based in London and makes some of the most beautiful cards you'll ever see.
Like this one below.

Well, I won....and yesterday my little parcel turned up in the mail. Or should I say my rather large parcel arrived. In it was a collection of absolutely beautiful cards from Karen.

I know who's going to get this one with her birthday gift next month.

...and this is the wrapping paper Karen used. Isn't it beautiful? !
Thank you Karen. I love my gift.
Also, if you're in Australia and want to check out her products, her distributor here is:
Gallery Collection in Melbourne. It's well worth a look.


  1. Stunningly creative cards. Congratulations on your win and your prize.

  2. Exquisite. You lucky thing. Thanks for dropping by and saying hello, Lesley - you made me laugh! Cheers Anita


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