Monday, January 11, 2010

He's still here...

In fact he's made himself so much at home, he slept in the chicken coop last night with the girls...

Not only did he sleep in there...he actually settled into one of the boxes filled with shredded paper and had a snooze.

While MONT was putting the girls to bed last night, he willingly hopped into the coop and settled down for the night. In fact, he was still in there today when I went in to check for eggs.

I think I'd better start charging him board

It's probably a good place for the girls to be today...43 degrees is the expected temperature and it is not pleasant!!

It's Victoria's first Catastrophic Code Red fire alert day. A total fire ban is in place for the entire state and everyone has their fingers crossed the day passes without any major fires.


  1. He's feeling right at home.
    P.S I'm melting what about you?

  2. I'm loving your new family member.


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