Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Whelan the Wrecker

It's all happening here at Number 10.

The bedroom renovation is well and truly underway. Last night we cleaned out the entire room and  moved our bed into the lounge room.

Then MONT the wrecker moved in this morning...he says it has to be done and Melbourne Cup Day was as good a day as any.

The robe doors and frame were removed and the centre drawer unit was also knocked out...unfortunately we couldn't save it for future "tweaking"...

Charming ceiling huh?

Fortunately, the whole false floor under the robes came up in one big piece, so we'll be able to use those floorboards again...

As you can see, the floor under the old built-ins doesn't reach the wall...whoever built this house back in 1951, decided to go for the easy option and put in a false floor instead of extending the floorboards to the end of the room. Crazy really, as they used leftover floorboards to make the false floor anyway.
It means we'll have to remove some of the existing boards without damaging them and then stagger some new ones in, then get the whole room sanded and polished, yet again. Might be time to call in the professionals I think.

So...it's all systems GO! We have an opportunity to get a really good plasterer here to finish off the room, but he's limited for time, so our window of opportunity is just three weeks....we'd better get cracking!


  1. I've just come over from Tina's and Have spent a little time visiting you. The renovation work is terrific so I will follow a while and see how you go! Julienne

  2. Serious reno work there Lesley!! Love it:) Hmm make sure you block up the gaps in the floor with something....let's just say we speak from experience (a huge rat came to visit us one evening when we were doing our kitchen reno and left one little gap...eeewww). I cannot wait to see how the work progresses:) Hope you have a lovely week ~ Txx

  3. Isn't that always the way! Such a shame they never finished the floor properly in that section. You'll be busy, busy, busy. Have fun!!

  4. best of luck with the flooring - I agree that a professional might be best. I'll be tuning in to see the finished room. By the way, I spent a summer in Melbourne and didn't want to leave - LOVED it! Glad I found your blog today! -diane

  5. Thanks all...and thanks for joining in my fun Julienne and SED... can't wait to see the finished product myself...it's going to be interesting and fun to say the least


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