Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Three R's

Rescue, recycle, restore. They're my three R's.

...and I've applied that principle to this chest of drawers.

Remember what they used to look like when I dragged them across the road from the front of my neighbours house?

Like this.

Now they're like this.

I sanded them back with my new Ryobi and gave the drawers their first undercoat while MONT replaced the borer-damaged back with a new sheet of timber.

I sanded and undercoated the whole thing again and applied the first top coat last Friday afternoon.

The final top coat was applied on Saturday morning and MONT re-drilled the holes for the new knobs, which I had bought from IKEA. I let it dry and put it in the lounge room on Saturday afternoon.

I painted it the same colour as the walls (antique white USA) because I wanted it to blend in and not stand out in the small room. I used a small roller to apply the top coats because the paint goes on much easier and you aren't left with brush strokes on your finished piece.

Yep...rescue, recycle, restore. Can't wait till my neighbour takes a look at what used to be her old chest of drawers with the missing and broken knobs.

Told you Saturday was a super busy day.


  1. OMG the drawer looks absolutely gorgeous! I love the little tablescape too! What will you keep in the drawers Lesley?

  2. Oh wow - that looks great!

    I have a chest of drawers in my entrance that would look great painted the same colour (we have the same colour walls) but they're antique and in great condition so I can't do it.

    You can never have too much storage!

  3. What a great transformation - it almost doesn't look like the same set of drawers!! What type of paint did you use? Just normal wall paint? Would love to see more pics of your home - it looks lovely from the snippets I can see in the photos.

  4. Hi all...

    Rose, At the moment, just bits and pieces. That's what I've got a lot of and it all needs a home. I tell MONT it's all quality merchandise! Of course he doesn't believe me.
    At the moment I've got the kidlets plates and mugs and cutlery in there because they only get used a few times a year.

    Melissa, if these drawers had been antique I couldn't paint them either. Some things just need to be respected and left alone.

    Amanda, I always use Bristol paint no matter what I'm doing. I don't know if it's the best or not, but I always get good results and I tend to stick with what I know, even though some other paints and places like Bunnings can be cheaper. I used Bristol Easynamel in a semi gloss. It's a water based enamel that dries a little harder than wall paint.

  5. The drawers look great, I love rescuing old pieces of furniture and transforming them, nothing better than Thrify Chic!

  6. Thanks wholelottalovely...Thanks for dropping by. I love rescuing old stuff too. It's cheap and fun and gets the creative juices flowing. Gotta love that!


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