Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blogging Your Way

I was reading A-M's blog,  as I do each day, about when you blog and what you blog about. ...whether you prepare blog posts en masse to post through the week, or just write what pops into your head whenever you think of something.

I've loved  The House that A-M Built  for a long time now, even after said house was completed and lived in and then sold. Blogging is about life, the everyday happenings, if that's what you want it to be that is. I mean it's your blog and it can be about any darn thing you want, that's the beauty of it

It got me thinking about another blog I pop into occasionally...where it was giving advice on how to get more comments on your blog posts. Apparently the person imparting the advice said she didn't leave comments if the blog had the comment verification thingy...and she also disliked too many links in a blog post. Too busy and confusing I think...and I thought gee, that's a bit harsh. I mean if you like someones blog then why can't you just enjoy it and go with it?

Some people use their blogs to show you how they make things, others use them to help them sell things, while others just use them as a way of detailing their lives with their kids/husbands/renovations etc...others see them as a business opportunity by allowing ads or taking on sponsors...I mean, it's your blog, do what you want with it

It's interesting though when other bloggers try to impart their wisdom on how you should or shouldn't do this or that and why they won't comment on your blog because they don't like something about it.

Well, the only advice I'll give is this: blog any darn way you like... if it's interesting, I'll read it and leave a comment, no matter what hoops I have to jump through.


  1. I agree with you. I'm not really into posts about how to improve traffic and so on as for me it's just a fun record of life. I do treasure the friendships it has brought me.

  2. I totally agree, if I feel like commenting I will :) Blogging for me has never been about a career or making money though, it's just a personal reflection of my life and things I find inspiring. For me it's more about the connections I make with fellow bloggers in our little blogging community :)

  3. Yep, it's all about the people yopu meet, the daily musings and the pleasure you get out of it...I love our little's perfect

  4. I couldn't agree more...

    I read the same post and thought - wow, what's an extra 2 seconds out of your day to show that you're actually INTERESTED in the blog and not a robot or spider!

    I used to own a very successful (and very well paid and sponsored) blog a few years ago and I found that I actually burned myself out because I was focusing more on driving up my traffic, and therefore my ad-revenue, than I was on the enjoyment of just blogging for the sake of blogging. I had to step away for a couple of years to appreciate why I SHOULDN'T approach blogging with a business plan...

    While I do have ads on my blog now, they're merely there to pay for the cost of the domain and internet connection. I think I make about $0.01 per month in *profit* after the internet connection is taken out. Which is fine - I don't mind spending my time doing something I love for free :)

    I was raised on the premise that you should never do a job for money that you wouldn't do for free - otherwise you're selling out.

  5. I totally agree with you....I think I read the post you refered to as well .... we all blog for our own reasons. Mine is the friendships and to express my ideas, thoughts and occassional creative side. A great post, thanks X

  6. I love comments because it shows that someone has related to something that I've said and that's nice but I am not so needy that I'd change my blogging style. ....and links: I actually love links and put links on my own blog as a reflection of that. I also think that (in terms of linking as a credit) it's respectful. I'd like to create more traffic on my Beautiful Bacchus blog to support local business and talent (It's my way of trying to be community minded...I'm not really a cake stall person.) but I don't agree with most posts about how to do it.... In short: I agree with you whole heatedly.... :)

  7. ummmmm.... oh, and thanks for commenting on my blog. lol! :)


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