Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I was getting a bit hot under the collar the other day about something that, in the big scheme of things, was pretty insignificant. I can get carried away sometimes but I usually snap out of it and quickly return to reality

...and that's just what happened to me while watching the ABC's Four Corners program this week.

For those of you not in Australia, "Four Corners" is a long running investigative/current affairs show that is very highly regarded here. It's broadcast on a Monday night at 8.30 and this week it was about poverty, from the perspective of a child, specifically, three British children.

While watching it I found myself smiling broadly, listening in disbelief and shedding a few tears. My heart ached for them all.

The children involved were wise beyond their years...all were down to earth and amazingly, remained "hopeful" for their futures.

It gave me a BIG reality check

The link to the program is here. Not sure if you can see it if you're not in Australia, but I encourage you to try, it's well worth a look.

11 year old Sam is particularly wonderful. His delight at having something as simple as a "real" haircut is simply delicious.


  1. I watched this and really felt for those kids. I'm really struggling to meet my financial commitments at the moment but at least I don't have mould on my walls. I really wished I could send over a nice treat for each of those children. That sounds a bit pathetic but you know what I mean?

  2. It's amazing how resilient children can be when they have done without.Thanks for the link...I will have a look!

  3. Kym and Sarah, thanks for your comments.

    I too felt like finding out where these kids were and sending them something. My heart really ached for them
    I think we've all had times when things get a bit tight. I know I did it hard some years ago when I lost my job and had to find house payments as well as pay the bills etc, but never have I experienced this sort of poverty
    It was truly heartbreaking


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