Monday, October 24, 2011

Secret Garden?

We have great neighbours!

It's a fact. Lots of people never get to know who lives next door to them, or who's across the street...but we're lucky to know a lot of our neighbours, to the degree we all get together a few times a year for casserole nights, BBQ's, a quick Friday night pizza or a trip down to the local RSL for a meal...our table can get rather large though because we usually have to book for up to 14 + kids, depending on who can make it.

Our neighbours are so good, a few years back we decided to "get connected"

This photo isn't of a gate leading to a Number 10 secret garden...It's better than that.

It's a gate MONT and his mate, Man of Number 12 put in to connect us.. It makes so much sense when we want to have a quick catch-up drink on a Sunday afternoon or if one of us needs something like an egg or milk or whatever. It's also been terrific because when the kids next door were getting to an age where they could stay home alone, but still needed/wanted the security of someone close by, we'd just wedge the gate open so they could come straight through to get either me or Mont if they needed us.

We all find it pretty amazing that the occupants of 7 houses in our street all get on so darn well. Some go fishing together, other's play golf...most of us just get together for drinks and food...

How many of your neighbours do you know... and do you get together much?


  1. It is wonderful to good neighbors.

  2. How Fantastic! We have lovely neighbors on one side but we are not so close as to put in a connecting gate. What a wonderful little street you live in.

    Kel x

  3. We have the same relationship with all our neighbours bar one in our quiet no-through country lane. It's great isn't it! Thanks Lesley for your lovely comment over at The Hedge yesterday, just when we should be slowing down we're ramping up - crazy eh!
    Millie x


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