Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just Chillin' at home

The weekend was pretty "BIG", what with MONT's birthday shindig etc. It was a very late night with a couple of our guests kicking on till 5am...too much for me I must admit.

The dogs were sent away for the night so they didn't get underfoot...but it looks like they part-ayed the night away too.

It was hard to get them going on Sunday...

...or Monday.

They made sure they were around for dinner though.

This one stayed at home and welcomed everyone at the front door.

Then spent Sunday in front of the heater dozing.

This appears to be her favourite position at the moment


  1. Aww, how cute are they? I want to hug them.


  2. Hi Gail and Teresa...they are pretty huggable and adorable to boot aren't they? We call them our monsters and believe me, they are, although they are very cute monsters.

  3. They're both adorable! My Molly lays on her back like that. I find it very amusing :)


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