Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Planter - spruced up

MONT and I bought this planter a couple of years ago so it could hold a plant next to the front door, but I have to admit the colour never really did it for me

It was a pinkish/mushroomy colour and didn't really match anything we had. It also had a terrible mark on it, left by a price sticker from the nursery and a water mark around the bottom from it's days of sitting in a large saucer in the rain

So it was time for a coat of paint

Out came the roller and undercoat

...and yes, I had some help with the top coats...

One good undercoat and two top coats of exterior acrylic in white and it was good as gold.

Another little job done


  1. It's the small things which always make the difference. It looks like it was always meant to look that way, you know. xx

  2. It looks really great. Well worth the effort!


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