Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday flower - Dioressence

I thought I'd follow Sarah's  lead and do a Friday flower this week.

Sarah always has lovely Friday flowers and when I saw this little beauty starting to bud  I thought I'd get the camera out and join in

This is my Dior Essence rose that I bought last year...I think it was last year. Most of the flowers at Number 10 are white and I wanted something to "pop" in the garden. My original plan was to have a few pinkish coloured roses growing along the front fence so they look nice against the white pickets, but that hasn't happened yet.

Actually I thought I'd lost her when she got a bit neglected last Summer...but she's back with a vengeance! She's been sitting behind the shed near our water tank, and just started blooming...thank goodness

I put her in the white planter on the back deck so I could watch each little bud emerge...I'm so happy she's still with me


  1. It's absolutely stunning! I bet it smells nice too. I have a rose named Angel Face that is a similar colour and it's one of my faves.
    Do you know I was going to be slack this week and not post a Friday Flower? Whoops :)

  2. She's beautiful, lovely colour and shape. Have a lovely weekend. xx


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