Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bag or dress?

This photo was taken to highlight the Jeanne Oliver camera bag....


It's the dress that took my fancy. 

Yes the linen bag's nice, but the dress is just "me".  

Basically it's just a caftan like pattern in denim.

I think I have a length of denim in my stash...



  1. I'm not a dress person but this is really lovely. It would look great with tights as well. You should make one :)

  2. Sarah, I think I will! I'm more a linen pants person but I LOVE a nice casual dress, especially when it's in linen or a lightweight denim. This will be a "goer"!

  3. Your post is great to read. I was wondering why people have different colors of life but still I participated.

  4. Oh i agree, the dress is gorgeous. I bought a Laura Ashley top just like that in light denim (dark in colour, light in fabric) for less than $25 in the sale, just the same as this dress, only shorter, because it's a top. Yes, i was a bit agasp at the time with the price, style & quality, thus my comment not making much coherent sense. If i had this model's legs, i'd wear the top with a slouchy belt & little shorts, it's just that kind of lovely. I reckon you could make this style of dress pretty simply, i love it, love Posie

    1. Posie, the first thing I noticed when I saw this photo for the first time was her boots and legs, which are fabulous!...then the dress, her hair (gorgeous) and then the bag, which was the whole reason for the photograph! lol
      If I had legs like that i would be showing them off BIG TIME!!!! unfortunately, mine are a little like tree stumps. I've been hunting through my fabric stash and have found the lightweight well as some taupe coloured cotton that I'll also make up.
      I often have a wander through Laura Ashley to see what they have on sale. They do have gorgeous stuff.
      Can't wait to get the machine out!
      Thanks for dropping by


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