Monday, August 13, 2012

It's happening....

My new studio/sewing room is on it's way...

Not sure when it'll be finished. These things take time as MONT tells me. Regularly!

He dug out the first post hole back in April

Then a couple of weeks ago, he dug the other one on the other side and started pruning back the ornamental grape vine and's over where that blue lidded bucket is near the fence

Then on Saturday, he started on the end of the carport so we can begin the extension

The wisteria's tied to the clothes line until the posts and frame goes up, then the fence will come down (temporarily) so the side wall can be constructed. That's the other thing...I'm going to lose part of my line so we'll have to find another spot for one. I can't be without a clothes line!

The finished room will measure about 4.5 metres by 3.6 (approx 15x12 feet) and it will have a wall of floor to ceiling cupboards. You cannot have enough storage! The walls will be painted white, or slightly off white to blend in with the sandstone floor and i'll get a nice rug to make it feel cosy.

On the outside, the weatherboards will be white, like the rest of the house. We've got a couple of (second hand) windows to put in and now the only thing that has to be worked out is where to locate the door.

The whole idea is to have all of my sewing and crafty stuff out there so it isn't cluttering up the spare room, which is an absolute mess at the moment because I don't have a lot of storage for all my bits and pieces

I quite like this idea for "small stuff" storage...nice shallow drawers with partitions so everything is easy to find. Perfect for cottons and trims and pins and all the little stuff that goes missing in larger drawers.

...and this is nice too...perfect for all the knitting patterns and my magazines.

I'm on the look-out for a skinny table to hold the sewing machine and overlocker and I think I've got just about everything else I need.

We hope to have it finished before Christmas...but you know...anything can happen between now and we'll play it by ear.

So there you have it...this is what's been consuming me these past couple of weeks. Can't wait to keep you updated on progress.

I haven't given credit for the last two photos because I'm not sure where they came from. If you do, please let me know so I can give credit where it's due.


  1. I'm so excited for you!! A little studio/crafty area would be bliss. Yours is going to look gorgeous, I just know it. It's funny actually, because Paul and I were talking about doing a major study/creative space overhaul down the track here too. Ours definitely lacks storage and doesn't make good use of what little space there is so I'm eager to see the progress of your room and get some ideas for mine :) I like the partitioned drawer idea. Have a lovely week ahead xx

    1. Amanda I'm excited too! while I can't wait to get it all finished I'm just as excited about cleaning out the spare room so it can be used again! lol

  2. How fantastic!! I'm very excited for you. I love the idea of a wall of storage, but then of course I would as that's what I have in my room. I can totally recommend it as it makes life so much easier when you can easily access what you need.xx

    1. Sarah we can't have enough storage can we??!! I'm just glad this little project of ours is on it's way!

  3. That is so exciting, I would love a studio for myself and more storage.... you are so lucky. I am looking forward to the progress and fingers crossed you get it before Christmas xx

    1. Nellie, I was watching MONT paint the bottoms of the posts this afternoon, getting them ready to go into concrete in the i know it's really happening!!!

  4. How exciting, a whole studio just for you! Looking forward to seeing how it all progresses over the weeks/months :)


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