Monday, August 20, 2012

Studio Progress

It's well on it's way!

The posts are now in to hold up the extension of the roof.

Next weekend, work will begin on the roof itself.

The room will take up two bays of the carport, which makes it just over 4 metres long. We've been talking about the placement of the windows and the all important door, which has caused us a little bit of a problem because we need to have an entry that won't allow water in. You see the frame/walls will be built on top of the paving, so a special water proofing membrane of some sort will have to go under the frame to stop rainwater seeping in and making the interior floor wet.

We talked about placing the doorway at the back of the room, from what will be MONT's workroom/storage shed...but we've now scrapped that and the door will be placed right near where that creamy coloured planter box will be.

One window will look straight down into the driveway...the other will be on the side wall looking into the yard.

Very exciting....but it's still a long way off from being completed. It'll be interesting to see just how long it's going to take from go to whoa.


  1. It's very exciting! But of course the best bit will be the interior decorating :)

    1. Oh yeah Sarah...the best is yet to come!!!


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