Thursday, August 9, 2012

Soup Nazi ?

Well, not quite... I always serve bread with soup and making soup makes me pretty happy.

Winter is the perfect time for soup and this one has a nice twist....

It's a coriander pesto

It's a spicy soup and it's a nice change from the usual pumpkin or potato and leak

It's made with sweet potatoes with a little hint of Thai

I've posted the recipe over here.

Hope you like it


  1. This looks yum! I am a big soup fan at this time of year and have been having a lot of pumpkin or chicken and vegetable so be great to try something new. Thanks for sharing. Gx

  2. Looks delicious!!! Love soup in winter! XXX

  3. I just made a big batch of an almost identical soup recipe here last week :) Was yummy. I like the idea of your coriander pesto though, would definitely add a nice flavour kick. I have a Jamie Oliver minestrone recipe I make and it has traditional pesto in it which makes SUCH a difference to the flavour so I'll be eager to try out your twist.


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