Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bedroom Heaven

Unfortunately, this is not my bedroom. No. But it certainly looks like one I could live with quite happily.

Image Ideal Home

I have to admit I have a "thing" about grey and silver. I'm not sure where it came from but as soon as I see a dress, or linen, or shoes...or anything in grey, I have to stop and take a second and sometimes third look...and sometimes, no that should read, usually, it comes home with me.

The other thing I love is white. I've never been all that good in putting a whole lot of colours together so they look as though they "belong". I can look through magazines and admire the way stylists and interior designers are able to co-ordinate their settings with a veritable rainbow of colours. But not me. That's why I stick to white, or ivory or milky colours.

The other day a neighbour, who's getting some work done at their place soon, asked what colour "white" our house was. I said, what shade of white? White. It has no tint added. It's just white. The interior is also white, although it does have a tint. It's Antique White USA....which I am told, is the most popular shade of white sold in the country... I stand to be corrected on that though...

So there you have it...white...and grey or silver... Can two tones go together more beautifully?

I think not


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  2. I have a 'thing' for grey and silver too. Especially with clothes! Though I always have to throw colour on with it... with me and home decorating. :)


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